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Templates - Articulating and Communicating

This week we are happy to supply you with a set of templates for communicating and presenting your ideas and projects.

The template for project reports covers for example typesetting, structure and style and guides you to write a paper that follows established scientific standards.

You can adapt the poster template to visualize your project by directly filling it out. Furthermore it can serve as a guideline to clearly structure the essence of your work and your findings.

We invite you to use these templates within your own projects or provide your student’s with the material.


Template - Project documentation

Template - Poster: Design project presentation

For more material, please visit:

Moves Beyond Critique: Design as Inquiry as a Form of Critical Engagement

Heidrun Allert und Christoph Richter, both members of the Knowledge through Design project team, contributed a paper to the International Conference on Professional Practice, Education and Learning (ProPEL), held in Stirling UK in June 2014. It's title is 'Moves Beyond Critique: Design as Inquiry as a Form of Critical Engagement'

Poster Collection

Today we would like to draw your attention to our Poster Collection. The collection includes three printable posters supplying you with a broad variety of methods to adapt within your own teaching and learning settings.

Our poster about Methods of Data Collection gives you an overview of different ways to gather information about and explore within your fields of interest, our poster about Identification of Patterns and Themes & Illustrative Description suggests several approaches to evaluate your data and to outline your findings visually and narratively and our poster about Prototyping introduces a number of ways to materialize and test your ideas and concepts.

Our posters are thought as an initial inspiration. For a more detailed description of the introduced methods you are very welcome to visit the T[h]inker community platform.


Poster: Methods of Data Collection:

Methods of Data Collection

Poster: Identification of Patterns & Themes/ Illustrative:

Identification of Patterns & Themes/ Illustrative

Poster: Prototyping - A Selection of ways to materialize:


Poster: Best Practice Example and Process Model of Design as Inquiry:

Best Practice Example and Process Model of Design as Inquiry

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